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A Network Partner Organizational Structure

Professional Specialist Skills – Across industries and disciplines

Our network-based organization structure means that we can meet a customized scale of needs from deep leadership change processes to tailored workshops intensives, global business and communication brand strategy and business innovation co-action programs.

Our global network gives you access to cross-disciplinary expertise, latest trends, business cases, cutting-edge tools and practices. We work with a strong international network of cutting-edge innovators and professional partners, mainly based in Scandinavia, Europe and United States.

We are systems thinkers and thought leaders, and our organizational structure has since it’s inception in 2002 mimicked the living systems in nature and the inter-dependent, collaborative systemic shift that we are advocating as the way forward for business and leaders.

In other words, we walk our talk.

Our network partners are specialized in a wide range of disciplines within the field of sustainability, business innovation, change leadership and brand reputation and communication; ranging from development of executive leadership transformation from corporate global brands to social accelerators, internal and external communication strategy, influencer brands and programs, employee engagement tools, purpose and values workshops to co-action collaboration business growth strategies.

This gives us the flexibility and expertise to customize our consulting and training services to your specific needs – and guarantees that you always get the right specialists, when we design a tailored workshop session or innovation program around the 5Ps of sustainable business success.



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